What a fantastic interview with Shamesh Alidina at the mindfulness summit!

I love how he explains that meditation should be in a comfortable position. If that is for you lying on a bed, than do that. Even if that could result in you falling asleep. Your body probably needed that sleep than. Shamesh emphasises that mindfulness is about┬ábeing kind to yourself. Another nice thing he explains is that it helps to not want to control the mind. When you strive to have an empty mind without thoughts, it won’t work. He says he has been experimenting with letting the mind take him where it wants to go. And by doing that, the mind suddenly doesn’t go anywhere.

I also loved how Meli o’Brien said she sometimes meditaties lying in the grass and looking at the clouds. I used to do that when I was a kid and I forgot about it untill a couple of years ago. And now I also love to ly on a bench or in the grass and look at the clouds.