In this cute animation film you can see why mindfulness is a superpower.

why mindfulness is a superpower

Mindfulness is the ability to know what is happening in your head at any giving moment without getting carried away by it.

Sounds so easy, but even as a mindfulness trainer I find this hard to embody. Especially when I’m stressed out, my mind just won’t stop. It keeps analysing and thinking about things in the future. How I could do it better. And thinking about these scenario’s actually makes me more stressed.

What the film shows is that it helps to look at your sensations and thoughts when your stressed. Instead of analysing them, you simply notice them. So in my case I can feel my heart pounding, I notice my breath is fast and in my chest. I notice my thoughts: they’re in the future, they’re planning thoughts. Once you notice your sensations and thoughts like this, it’s easier to keep them at a distance. And when you can look at them from a distance you don’t feel overwhelmed by them. And then it is easier to let them go.

When you practice mindfulness regularly, you will notice your sensations better. You’ll notice when you’re getting carried away by your thoughts. And you’ll be able to make a conscious decision how to proceed.

So take a breath right now. Notice how you’re sitting. Are you shoulders tensed? What kind of sensations can you notice in you body right now? What thoughts are running through your mind? Are they thoughts in the future or in the past? Are they planning thoughts, memories, scenario’s, worries, daydreaming? Then take 3 breaths and make a conscious choice how you want to proceed with your day.